5 reasons why women should pursue commercial flight training course today


We are living in the 21st century, and now everyone is treated equally. In this century both men and women have their equal rights for studies and career.

If becoming a pilot and turning it into a career is what you are looking to do, then now is probably the best time. The demand for women pilots is strong and is going to increase in the air transportation industry. Here are some of the reasons why we think now is the time to get into the industry.

1) Be a role model for others

In today's world hearing a voice of women pilot in flight can inspire many girls and women passengers. This can encourage them and lead their interests in pursuing commercial pilot training. Young girls and women will get inspired looking at you in a pilot uniform.

As many passengers don't feel that women can be a better pilot than men, you can be a role model in the eyes of many females. And you can also inspire many to enroll their daughters and sisters for pilot training.

2) Female captains are always welcomed by their crew

Some female pilots have said that they have not heard any male pilot or senior talking about them that they can't do this job. Once you become a captain, no comments and disrespect will matter to you.

There is no inequality in any industry now. Some females can't apply for loans to pay for flight training because of a poor financial background. But, for women to pursue pilot training, aviation institutes provide several scholarships.

3) Encouragement programs for women pilots

There are many airlines which have made new campaigns for females so that they can complete their training and join their airlines.

The main aim of these encouragement programs is to focus on appealing to more female pilots from a diverse background. The goal of such programs is that they want to add 50 female pilots every year and help them make their career.

4) Know that you are as good as you're male colleagues 

There is no specific quality that would make a male pilot better than the female pilot.

The pilot training is the blend of masculine and feminine characteristics. A pilot should have the ability to do multitasking, communication, and handle different personalities. These are some qualities for a female that can make her a good pilot.

A study revealed that only 10 helicopters are crashed by women pilots compared to 100 helicopters flown by male pilots. This says that female pilots are better than male but the ratio of female pilots is very less.

5)Enjoy the pilot career

If you become a pilot, you get the chance to travel across the world and also get paid. You can fly to Italy any day and get the chance to enjoy the famous authentic Italian pizza.

You also get a flexible schedule. As here, you don't have to work for the 8-5 job at a desk. This also makes the field more interesting.

Once you become a pilot you will earn several flyer miles and receive discounts from airlines where you work. It means you can go for a vacation with family in a sizeable budget.

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